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Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands is located in the Thousand Islands Region just 3 hours away from Toronto, Ontario, Canada offering dedicated professional addiction treatment programs to our patients as they take the first steps towards drug and alcohol recovery. Our team of professionals guides our clients in every way possible especially in providing top quality addiction rehab care through a reliable and highly trained, efficient staff. We are Canada’s top source for holistic substance abuse treatment and recovery. At 1000 Islands, our professional team treats the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Through our programs, patients will be given the personalized tools to rid themselves of addiction, cope with life after rehabilitation and mend relationships which have suffered in the past. We have specialized programs for many common substance addictions and provide ongoing aftercare to ensure you continue to grow and thrive.

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Addictions Rehab Treatment Overview

We provide comprehensive care for addiction rehab from initial detoxification through aftercare and follow-up services. Each of our holistic, substance specific programs are designed to foster lifelong recovery with mental and physical support. Aftercare and Follow-Up Services: At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab, we know that rehab is an ongoing, lifelong process. As you get back to the regular schedule of your life, there can be many triggers that will test your ability to abstain. To ensure you are never left to fight this battle alone, we offer regular, ongoing check-ins after patients have completed rehab.

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada deals with the following addiction problems day in and day out, until they completely disappear from your life…

marijuana addiction

Marijuana Addiction

Our top-of-the-line and comprehensive inpatient treatment facility provides assistance to marijuana addiction sufferers, from the first crucial stage of recovery to aftercare services. We make sure you get all the help you can get from the…

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alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada offers a wide variety of treatment approach to address alcohol addiction and dependence. We make individual diagnosis and customize our treatment approach based on the needs of our individual clients…

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heroin addiction

Heroin Addiction

We effectively deal with heroin addiction through our professionally guided approach to recovery from the supervised withdrawal to follow up treatments once the excruciating withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

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cocain addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada specializes in a thorough residential cocaine treatment program, delivering round the clock treatment and care services. We have 24/7 surveillance of all our patients that are severely suffering from cocaine, monitoring their progress, and determining…

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meth addiction

Meth Addiction

Our facility is fully equipped to address substance abuse problems particularly on methamphetamine drugs that are commonly abused due to its obesity-treating properties. We have the professionals and treatment programs that deal with this banned drug in Canada.

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opioids addiction

Opioids Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada provides a comprehensive treatment approach to help addicts that are suffering from opioids abuse and dependence. Our varied addiction treatment programs are administered based on the personal needs of our patients in an atmosphere…

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Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada Overview

Are you struggling with addiction? A huge population in Canada is grappling with the problem of substance abuse, whether it is alcohol or drugs, and the figure is seemingly not going down. We are an exclusive treatment center that offers addiction treatment programs for drug and mental disorders and addictions. Our team offers two main services, one for the person addicted to drugs and alcohol and one for their loved ones who are affected by the impact of substance abuse in a daily basis.

A Caring Canada Drug Rehab Facility

Addictions Rehab Treatment

  • Drug addiction often starts recreationally, as a way to self-medicate or due to abuse of a prescription. The speed at which a person becomes addicted depends heavily on the type of drug. However, some common signs that occasional drug use is becoming a major issue include:
    • Feeling as though you need the drug daily just to function
    • Deep cravings when you attempt to not use and/or experiencing withdrawal symptoms
    • Failure to abstain when you try to
    • Engaging in risky behaviors you wouldn’t normally do, especially behaviors to get more of the drug
    • Failing to meet obligations at home, school or work due to use
    • Increasing dosage to get the same effect
    • More time spent focused on trying to get the substance while missing other events and obligations

    Recognizing Drug Use in Loved Ones

    One of the hardest things we can admit to ourselves is that a loved one has an addiction. All too often, people will try to ignore the issue or pretend it’s not as bad as it seems. Here are signs that you should look for to determine if a friend or loved one needs help:

    • Money Issues: If a loved one attempts to borrow money without offering a reasonable explanation for why, especially if this person has never asked before, this could be a sign that their money is going for substance abuse
    • Theft: If you notice money or expensive items are missing from your home, your loved one could be using these to procure drugs. Similarly, if you notice that a loved one is selling of their own items this could indicate the same.
    • Secretive Behavior: Attempts to keep others out of their home, room or personal space and being secretive about where they go and with whom can be signs of trying to hide use.
    • Changing Behavior: Watch for withdrawal from normal social activities and extreme changes in behavior such as taking more risks, being lethargic or anything that doesn’t have other explanations.
    • Declining Performance in Work or School: Missed days, poor quality work and general failure to keep up normal activity are all potential signs.
    • Neglected Health and Appearance: Decline in physical health, lethargy and a chronically disheveled appearance are not sure signs of drug abuse, but if you see other issues, then addiction may be the issue.
  • Marijuana: Marijuana, when abused, can lead to a host of issues including hallucinations and paranoia. We use a team of therapists and counselors well versed in the effects of chronic, over consumption of marijuana to help each patient breakaway from dependence on this substance.
  • Alcohol: With alcohol being one of the few legal and commonly used addictive substances, our program helps patients to abstain and cope with situations where others are partaking.
  • Heroin: Our heroin addiction rehab program helps ease patients through difficult detox and withdrawal symptoms. 1000 Islands experts are experienced in the dangerous side effects of heroin withdrawal and provide medically-sound supervision throughout the process.
  • Cocaine: Each of our cocaine addiction rehab patients goes through an assessment to create a personalized plan of care, supervised detoxification, and then an inpatient rehabilitation program. The level of addiction and other factors help decide on how long this will take and what treatment methods will be used.
  • Meth: With meth being one of the most abused drugs in Canada, the troubles related to this drug are numerous. At 1000 Islands we work with patients to repair damage that has been done to relationships, health and lives due to meth addiction. Professional help is especially important during the detox stage which can be overwhelming and often forces addicts back into using when they don’t have support.
  • Opioids: A focus of opioid addiction is to find alternative ways for patients to achieve the calm they often get from this drug. Since these are often combined with other drugs such as heroin and cocaine, we tailor your program to address all addictions.
  • Prescription Drugs: Prescription drug abuse is an insidious problem which increases over time for patients, often in a way that people don’t even see that they have a problem until the situation gets serious. We help to overcome this denial and treat all prescription drug addictions including sedatives, stimulants and prescription opioids and painkillers.
  • Amphetamines: With amphetamines producing some of the most life-threatening effects, it is imperative to treat this addiction as quickly as possible. We provide supervised detox to make withdrawal easier and to monitor any health issues that may be exacerbated during the process.
  • Inhalants: Inhalant addiction is often not given the same level of concern as other substance abuse because it simply doesn’t seem like it could be that However, prolonged use can result in a variety of physical and mental side-effects, including Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome which can occur even after only one use. It is most closely linked to butane, propane, and aerosol chemicals. At 1000 Islands, we treat inhalant addiction with the seriousness it deserves, helping to heal the lives of users and loved ones affected by it.
  • Supervised detox process: performed at our offsite, partner facility with medical supervision for a safer, more beneficial process.
  • Relapse prevention workshops: We give our patients coping methods to survive the triggers and struggles they will encounter in regular life.
  • Group, individual, and family counseling: Getting to the heart of what has caused the addiction and/or airing out how addiction has affected the patient and loved ones, helps to stop the patterns from repeating.
  • Contingency management education: This reward based, behavioral therapy conditions patients to seek out and receive fulfillment from the rewards they get from abstaining.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This focused, therapist-led treatment helps to prevent relapse.
  • Music and Art Therapy: We use the power of creativity to help ease the stress of rehab and to provide an outlet for emotions released during this process.
  • Life management courses: 1000 Islands knows that addiction issues don’t cease to exist the second you walk out our doors. This is why we teach patients in focused courses designed to manage the triggers of life after rehab.
  • Meditation and yoga therapy: Part of the initiative to treat the whole person, our meditation and yoga therapy helps patients to achieve calm and serenity without the use of addictive substances.
  • Nutrition and physical fitness: Oftentimes, drug and alcohol abuse leads to a lifestyle that lacks nutritional balance and positive physical fitness. We help patients get these things into their lives to encourage feelings of well-being without the substances they relied on in the past.
  • Recreational activities: We help patients take a break from the stresses of rehab by incorporating recreational activities perfect for enjoying the area. Surrounded by the St. Lawrence River, 1000 Islands offers a variety of scenic, and invigorating water activities like diving, fishing, swimming and boating. Golfing is also a popular option.
  • Personal training: Our personalized approach to fitness and mental health supports the lessons and methods learned in our other resources.

At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab we treat each patient as an individual to find the best, most personalized solutions for their addiction. To facilitate the process of getting you or a loved one needed help, we offer these steps:

  • Self-Admission: When you know, you have a problem and are ready for help, 1000 Islands is here for you. We accept self-check-ins and help get you started on a better path immediately.
  • Intervention: When addiction is obvious to everyone but the person struggling with it, an intervention is often the only way to get that individual to see the problem. We employ certified intervention specialists to aid in performing proven-effective methods for intervention. This helps the person see the problem and the need for seeking help.
  • Detox: Once a patient is admitted, detox is the next step.  In this step, an addicted person must abstain from all substances until they are fully out of their system. We provide the medical expertise and supervision necessary to make this process as safe as possible. Note: our medically based detox program is performed at our offsite, partner facility. Transportation for patients is provided to and from this centre.

Customized Addiction Rehab: Our goal is to get and keep each patient on the road to long term wellness and sobriety. To do this, we employ a variety of customizable options for our treatment programs to ensure each patient is given the tools to succeed.

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1000 Islands Addiction Rehab knows that healing doesn’t just come from therapy sessions. A big part of recovery is learning how to enjoy life again without addictive substances. In order to help this connection, we offer a range of activities designed to give patients a chance to clear their minds, relax and take a step back from the stressful events that led up to rehabilitation. Whether you’re here for yourself or for a loved one, 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab Canada is here to help you rescue your life and relationships from addiction.  We invite you to browse our resources and program listings then call us at (855) 885-5805 or submit a contact request here. A knowledgeable and caring representative will be happy to help you in this first step to recovery.

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